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Your kids can help out with cleaning with this Dyson Vaccum toy that actually works

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Who does not want to own a Dyson product? and now your kids can own them too at SGD$50.

The design is base on their V6 Vacuum model but at the right size for kids to have fun with and it actually function as a cordless vacuum cleaner.

It is not a bad idea to have this product to teach and have fun with your kids cleaning up the house.


They even have the latest Dyson vacuum model too.

This toy has been getting great reviews on Amazon.

“OMG! My nephew has not stopped playing with this since he got it. He absolutely loves it. It is a mini version of mommy and daddy’s vacuum. It actually picks up dirt/lint! Hours of fun and not too obnoxiously loud.” by Andji

“My little girl loves this toy Dyson. She is obsessed with mine and would always sit down in front of it when I would vacuum. So I knew she had to have her own. Shes 10 months old and even though it is as tall as she is, she still manages to push it around. Its such a cute toy.” by Chelsea

Do take note that this is still a toy and the suction power will not be like a real vacuum.

You can purchase this Dyson vacuum on Amazon HERE for $40 SGD.


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