Teacher’s day gift with homemade cookies! [Support Local]

Teacher’s day is around the corner and you are thinking what can you buy to show your appreciation towards your favorite teacher? We bring you the latest home-made baker which makes tea-infused cookies, !!! Yes! Lemon Tea fans they have you covered with their lemon tea cookies!

Lemon Tea Cookies!

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many of us in many ways. A lot of us lost our jobs and have to resort to other means to survive during this pandemic. During these dark times, it is important for us Singaporeans to help each other out. Our editor found this new home baker and decided to support them. We ordered their Lemon Tea Cookies and to our surprise, the taste exceeds our expectation! We got curious and order a couple more like their classic chocolate chip and Thai-tea pink salt cookies.

Thai-tea pink salt Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies

We can assure you that their tea infused cookies are something that you have never had before and it is a must try! Their chocolate chips cookies uses premium chocolate chips too which melts in your mouth!

They currently running a teacher’s day promotion! But sadly they did not include their tea infused cookies into the promotion. We highly recommend that you tried our their tea infused cookies because it is just so different from others!

If you wish to support local business do visit their website @

Remember to use code: NOMSSSS10 to get 10% off your first purchase!


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