Blackbox Global honest review – Your one-stop video stock agency to earn passive income.

Being a film and video creator is never easy. The industry often requires us to grind long hours in production and often our pay does not seem to justify the grinding – unless you are some A-list director/cinematographer.

Selling stock footages is never new and has been around for decades. This market is dominated by big agency like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, Storyblocks and VimeoStock.

So why Blackbox Global? Instead of other big video stock agency?

I have been uploading to video stock agency since 4 years ago and it has always been a pain and time-consuming task to upload footages to individual agency and metadata each footage again.

BlackBox is not only attracting the old experienced stock filmmakers but is opening the doors for thousands of new contributors. But why?

Blackbox makes it easy for anybody who wants to earn a passive income. You only have to upload to Blackbox once, metadata your footage once and they will distribute your stock footages to all their stock agency partners like, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, Storyblocks and VimeoStock. It is that easy and believe me it is a time saver – which means you spend more time creating content (which earn you passive income) than uploading your clips to different agency one by one.

One thing to take note – Blackbox takes 15% commission when your clip sells. It’s not a big deal when you think about how much time you waste to upload the same clip over and over again.

Another PRO of Blackbox – Curator

Sometimes we are too busy with work or just too lazy and left hours of footages in our harddisk un-touch with their potential of earning you passive income for life. So Blackbox has a solution and it is curation.

Blackbox allows you to work with a curator or as a curator with others to do specific workload for you and they would earn a percentage of commission when the clip is sold.

For example,

  1. A curator can add metadata for you after you have edited and colour graded your clips.
  2. A curator can also edit, colour grade, metadata and upload the clip for you.

You can discuss the commission with your curator but it is kind of set around 20% for example 1 and 60% for example 2.

What is metadata

Metadata plays an important role in your clip to be found and sold on the stock agency. If your clips are good but your metadata is bad the chances of the clip being sold would be slim.

I often use microstock keyword tool to do my metadata and it work perfectly fine for me. CLICK HERE

Facebook group – Great support

Their Facebook group have 13k members and are really active in the group helping people out with their question. If you have any question in mind you can simply ask and you can get an answer within minutes and I am not even kidding.

How much can we earn?

So far I have uploaded 300 clips and had made USD$103.89/- in the time span of 4 months. Do mind that I have not been actively uploading clips in Blackbox and most of my clips are still exclusively in the stock agencies.

Thou the number is small but it is still free passive income for you. Making a living out of stock footages is no easy task too. With my experience quality clips always sell better but I do have some footages that I took using my iPhone being sold too. It is about finding the trend and create quality footage that leads to success.

Keep uploading your clips and when you have more clips you will be able to see a steady stream of income coming in. There is one members who uploaded 1000 clips and he’s steadily getting passive income every month.

Who knows what this opportunity will bring you after you uploaded 10,000 clips. It is not an easy task but it is not impossible. After all, this passive income is for a lifetime.


Selling stock footages was never easy. Blackbox does not just create a convenient platform for filmmakers looking for creative income but also creates an opportunity for amateur or newcomer a chance to learn and create a passive income for themselves.

If you are interested in signing up on Blackbox do click here

The link is my referral link. Thank you so much for keeping this website up.


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