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Durian vendor knocking on door scamming Singaporean

We all know we could not resist when it comes to indulging in the king of the fruit, durian. The durian season is set to come in June and we are all raving about it on the internet. After all, we believe all durian love will not miss the cheap and good durian when the season comes.

But! Beware of durian scams. A Singaporean namely, Eugene Lau posted on Facebook regards to his scammy experience by his wife when he is not around.

Mr Eugene claims that the durian vendor came knocking his door and market themselves with durians of Mao Shan Wang quality for only SGD$15/- per durian (Which is cheap if it is of that quality).

With such a temptation of price, his wife agreed to buy some from them and they started opening the durians. The durian vendor opened up 6 durians before she knows it and now they wanted to charge her SGD$15/- kilogram instead of the per durian which was agreed upon. The durian vendor then took out a weighing scale to weight the durian. The total cost now comes up to SGD$385/- with a total weight of 23KG.

Mr Eugene also posted the photo of the 6 durians that was opened and was place in tupperware.

Photo by Eugene Lau/Facebook

These surely does not look like coming our from 6 durians.

He mentioned that his wife obviously did not pay the scammers and immediately called him which Mr Eugene Lau immediately call the police. The scammers than release something is off and told Mr Eugene Lau’s wife that they will come back to collect the money later which they never came back.

Do be careful of these illegal vendors this coming durian season.

You can view the original post below,

Some bastards came to our place today and tried to sell some durians to my wife for $15 per durian, claiming that it was MSW quality. My wife agreed to buy some from them and they started opening up the durians but before she knew it they told her that they had opened up 6 durians (surely these durians in the tupperware look like they came from 6 bloody durians) and wanted to charge her $15 per KG instead of per durian and insisted that she had misheard them. Next, they took out a weighing scale and wanted my wife to pay $385 bloody dollars – that’s 23kg worth of durians! Where is the rest of my durians?! Obviously my wife refused to pay and called me immediately and I followed up by calling the police. The durian bastards must have sensed that something was wrong and told my wife that they will come back for payment later when the husband is back. Mind you, all this while they were standing outside my door refusing to leave as they had already opened up the durians, with a knife in their hand. I was already in rage mode and was picturing myself smashing the durian shells into their face, but too bad those bastards never came back for their money or durians. It was then that the police informed me that even his own mother got scammed by these assholes. 
Kudos to these fellas for making the effort to rig their weighing scale and coming up with such a creative scam. Dear family and friends, please take note of this and warn your close ones to stay vigilant and not fall prey to these durian scammers.


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