Century Egg Cheesecake Topped With Ikan Bilis Serve In Penang’s Dessert Café

Dare to give this a try?

Century egg is normally served in porridge but this Café bring it up to the next level by introducing “Century Egg Cheesecake Topped With Ikan Bilis”.

Yes, It’s a real deal and you can find this in our neighbouring country Malaysia, Penang.

This wacky cake is going for S$13.80/slice and it is served by Moody Cow Dessert Café in Penang.

It actually looks like Oreo Cheesecake. Source

Do not be mistaken with Oreo cheesecake. The black round stuff in the middle of the cake is actually a century egg!

Top view of the cake.

It is topped with Ikan bilis and peanuts which adds crispness, savoury and spicy taste to a supposedly sweet dessert.

So how is the taste?

We have not tried the cake but according to food blogger, Rebecca It does not taste as revolting as it looks but be warned she also mention that the taste of the cake is quite an acquired taste.

Visiting Penang soon? You might want to drop by this cafe to witness and taste this strange cake.

  • Location: Moody Cow Dessert Café
  • Address: 170 Jalan Transfer, George Town, 10050 Goerge Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Opening hours: 11-12am daily

Do note that the cafe rotates its flavours regularly. To avoid getting disappointed, we strongly advise reaching out on their Facebook before heading down.


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