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Uniqlo release One Piece UT’s in Japan. Let’s hope they bring this to Singapore.

After a series of Shonen Jump collaborations, One Piece and Uniqlo UT have rejoined for one more special t-shirt assortment. The long-running manga, that began in 1997, was well-liked enough to spawn Associate in Nursing anime series solely 2 years when origination and with the continuing TV series coming into its twentieth year of production, Uniqlo is serving up a variety of observance shirts.

First air on Oct twenty, 1999, the anime series has dependably followed the manga’s plot throughout its 800+ episodes, apart from a couple of notable special events sort of a 2013 crossover with Dragon Ball Z. The T-shirts focus on fan-favorite characters like Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper and even Dracule Mihawk and Zoro.

A series of neutral-toned shirts highlight the graphics emblazoned across the front of every, that embody Luffy mid-strike, Zoro getting ready to fight and a silhouette of “Red Hair” Shanks. maybe the foremost abstract style of a easy rendering of the X-shaped scar Luffy inflicted upon himself below his left eye.

The One Piece assortment hits Uniqlo’s website and stores on the 10/05/2019 in Japan, with the special design inspired by the “One Piece Stampede” movie which will be coming out in July.

For the One Piece fan lets hope Uniqlo will bring this to Singapore.

You can preview all the design HERE

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