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Free SGD $170/- worth of Cryptocurrency offered by Coinbase – Here is how you can convert the free $$$ to your bank account.

Heard of cryptocurrency but does not know how it works? We are here to guide you to get these free money offered by Coinbase to your local bank account. The whole process is going to take around 40 minutes but if you are totally new to the crypto scene it will probably take a while to get approved by the service provider.

Let’s be honest the free SGD$170 doesn’t just fall from the sky and Coinbase definitely has to benefit from it and it does require some referral from your part to get the full amount of SGD $170/- BUT! if you are too lazy to do referral you can still be able to get SGD $84 dollars for free.

So what is Coinbase? Coinbase is the largest and the most popular platform to grab your first cryptocurrency with your credit/debit card. They are trustworthy and are regulated company and holds licenses in all districts in which it operates.

Now if you are new to Cryptocurrency please do follow our steps closely.

Step 1 – Register an account with Coinbase.

  1. Register your account with the link here to get SGD $14/-.
  2. Link your credit/debit card
  3. Purchase SGD $140/- worth of Ethereum to receive the free SGD $14/- from our link. (Skip this step if you do not intend to put in any money) *[Note you can always draw the money after you got the free money]

Step 2 – Go to “Coinbase Earn”

  1. Head on to
Credits: Coinbase

Coinbase earn is newly introduced by Coinbase with collaboration with other popular cryptocurrencies. They give you free crypto in exchange for you to learn and understand the benefit of blockchain technology.

We have tested it out and currently (26/08/2019) only DAI, EOS, Stellar Lumens and Basic Attention Token is giving out free crypto. Well, free crypto = free money anyway.

Simply just click into any crypto listed on the page and follow their steps to earn. Most of them just required you to watch a 2mins clip and answer their quiz. But for EOS and XLM it would require you to refer 4 more people to Coinbase to earn the referral money which amounts to SGD $80/-

If you do not want to go the extra mile you are still able to get around $50/- from doing all the quiz which only took you 30mins? Not bad isn’t it?

2) Step 3 – Convert all your earned Crypto to Ethereum (ETH)

  1. Click on the Trade button on Coinbase
  2. After this windows popup click on the Convert section.
  3. Convert all your earned Crypto to Ethereum (ETH) The reason why we convert to ETH is due to its low transfer fee which we have to transfer it to another platform in order to withdraw it out to our bank account

After converting all the earned Crypto to ETH we then move on the next step.

Step 4 – Setting up and for withdrawal

Now, this is a litter complicated so do-follow through. Currently, we are unable to withdraw money out from Coinbase hence we need to use another popular platform call [not .com] and

  1. Sign up for account using this link to get SGD $20/- (After topping up SGD $100) [You can always withdraw the money after you top it up. To top up money please follow the next step.]
  2. Sign up for account.
    1. Link your bank with Xfers
    2. Follow their instruction carefully on how to transfer funds to Xfers
    3. Link your Xfers account with
  3. Now you will see the amount you have on your Xfers being reflected on dashboard.
  4. We recommend purchasing Ethereum as their transfer fees are lower than Bitcoin.
  5. Purchase $100 worth of ETH and you will receive $20/- as bonus

Step 5 – Transfer all your ETH on your Coinbase to

  1. On go to “Account section” and you will see Ethereum Recieve and Send.
  2. Click on the “Recieve” Button to find out your “ETH Address”
  3. Click on the copy address to copy the address.
  4. Go to Coinbase and go to “Account” section.
  5. Find ETH wallet and click on the send button
  6. Paste the address that you copied from
  7. Double-check the address again as it is not reversible and your money will be gone if the address is wrong.
  8. Continue and send. It will take 1 – 10 minutes to show up in your account
  9. Once the ETH show up in your Binance account goes to “buy/sell” section and click on ETH on the “I want to sell” and “Designation” to Xfers
  10. Lastly goes to your Xfers account and withdraw it out to your linked bank account. Do note the minimum withdrawal is set at SGD $100/-

Now just wait for the funds to be transferred and you are $170 richer! We hope you like our content and do follow our Facebook page for more content like this.


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