Global warming is real and the glacier is melting. Look at the size comparison of the lake.


Tasman Glacier, the largest glacier in New Zealand, is located at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. The glacier melts over the years due to global warming, forming the Tasman Lake. You can clearly see how the lake form over the years, and will eventually grow till the Tasman Glacier melts entirely. It is estimated that Tasman Glacier will disappear within the next two decades, and that is something very alarming.

As New Zealand is located near the ozone hole due to its close proximity with the South Pole, the impact of global warming is especially more of an issue to the shrinking glaciers in the region compared to other places, we can see what kind of a problem it may be just by observing at Tasman Lake.

Credit Baywatch Antartica, photographer David Briody

The Tasman Lake, expected to grow up to a maximum length of 16km, is already double of what it is now compared to in 2009.

Tasman glacier map comparison. Credit to google map

Back in early 1970s, Tasman Lake did not even exist and there was only several melting ponds, but by 2008, Tasman Lake had been formed and was already 7km in length. The Tasman Glacier is retreating at a rapid rate, just like many glaciers around the globe and the ice cap. 

Looking at the half-submerged glacier from the Tasman Lake, I realised how much tears Mother Nature had wept, since the Industrial Revolution, all in the name of advancement of mankind. Subsequent human damage to the environment not only is apparent, but getting more severe as time passes. Climate change is real and it has heavily affected the Earth so much that the landscape has altered, there is a possibility that our future generation may never see the wonders of nature we see today.

However, it is almost our human nature to make the best out of the worst situations. The melting glacier is a tragedy we hope that will be averted, but there is something enjoyable out of it too. The melting glacier formed Tasman lake allows tourist to get close to the huge “ice cube”, to witness the marvel of the natural landscape. You can book a Glacier explore tour boat to explore the Tasman Lake and view the glacier’s terminus face. The lake is up to 245m deep in depth, do take care of your belongings as your tour guide will definitely not risk his life to save your phone or camera!

Iceberg formed from the collapse glacier

By exploring the Tasman Lake, you can already see for yourself how the magnificent Tasman Glacier. If you’re lucky enough, icebergs will form around the lake so you do not have to admire it on the Titanic. These icebergs were form by the chunks of ice that break off from the glacier, making it looks like the ice cube you put into your drink. Do not worry, the tour guide will make sure of your safety during the trip, if it somehow hit one of the ice berg and sank, find a huge door slat for safety, please make sure it is big enough for two people.

The crystal clear iceberg that is not expose to the environment for prolonged periods of time.

You might just be able to taste and touch the icebergs if you are close enough too. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get to chance upon a crystal clear iceberg, formed when it has not been exposed to the atmosphere for prolonged periods of time, turning the ice clear.

However, the boat are not allowed within 1.5km to the 50m tall terminal face of the glacier for safety reasons in the event of ice calving.

Tasting the iceberg
Crystal clear ice shards

New Zealand is filled with incredible natural landscape to witness, the marvel of Mother Nature is one of the best way for you to relax and find peacefulness amongst the busy life style of the city. The Tasman Lake is one of such places where there isn’t a single piece of worry would weighs you down and is absolutely a must visit place for anyone visiting the south island of New Zealand.


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